Survive and thrive!

At school and at home, at work and in your personal life too.

Equip and enable students to meet life's challenges and to thrive in whatever it is they choose or need to do! By the end of their course, students will have developed in four key areas 1. Character (attitudes, values, resilience & chosen behaviours) 2. Capabilities (life-skills & academic) 3. Confidence (to be themselves, to try new things, ask for help and to make a positive impact on the world) and 4. Wellbeing (mental, emotional & physical).
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Developing Character, Capability, Confidence & Wellbeing

The first online resource of its kind

What makes us different

  • World-class team of adventurers and explorers to share the most inspiring of stories and valuable life lessons. They have worked with the royal family, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Bear Grylls too.

  • A team of professional teachers, coaches and mentors skilled at creating and delivering content that makes a positive difference to pupils lives: skills, performance and wellbeing.

  • A published, proven and inspiring methodology for success that is easy to remember and one that people want to use. Now featured in five best selling books.

What Our Customers Say

Here from pupils on the taster course pages

Really Wild Success

For secondary & upper years & older primary/prep students

Learning topics and resources

Learning resources (lessons with e.g. videos, interviews, presentations, worksheets, quizzes, action plans, challenges etc.) Key topics are being developed for release during the summer term and in preparation for the autumn term to support pupils during adoption of a blended learning situation. Additonal topics will be rolled out on an ongoing basis. Here are the first few:

  • Born to succeed!

  • A world of opportunity!

  • Making good choices

  • Organised to succeed

  • The power of service

  • Leadership & leading by example

  • Thriving on change and managing uncertainty

  • Teamwork - an introduction

  • Mental & physical health

  • Thriving key transition years

Really Wild Kids

Primary & Lower School Years

Learning topics and resources (KS1)

Story-based resources (with accompanying materials such as quizzes, activities, videos, and reading for various age groups) to support pupils at school and at home. Additional topics will be rolled out on an ongoing basis. Here are the first few:

  • Imagination and being kind

  • Already Amazing!

  • Working together

  • Keeping Happy

  • Being good

  • Being Brave

  • Keeping healthy - movement

  • Keeping healthy - sleep

  • Keeping healthy - diet & hydration

  • Always Learning

Learning topics and resources (KS2)

Story-based resources (with accompanying materials such as quizzes, activities, videos, and reading for various age groups) to support pupils at school and at home. Additional topics will be rolled out on an ongoing basis. Here are the first few:

  • Learning how to learn

  • Resilience

  • Imagination

  • Problem solving

  • Wellbeing

  • Leadership

  • Serving Others

  • Teamwork

  • Resourcefulness

  • Changing school

Bonus Material

Additional Content to our Online Courses

  • The Really Wild Method Tools & Resources

    Downloadable tools, materials, exercises and action plans from the Really Wild Method and other best modern practices. For younger students ,downloadable audio and written stories and activity sheets to enjoy at any time.

  • Webinar Invites & A Supportive Community

    Depending upon the subscription, students and their families will be invited to occasional live webinars with our team and their amazing guests. Access to a safe and moderated community too, to share and discuss their learning experience.

  • Certificates of Completion & Curriculum Links

    Depending upon the subscription, students may earn certificates of completion of their course. Whilst personal development and wellbeing are the key ares of focus, bonus links to the curriculum & other academic learning are provided throughout.

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Additional Resources Coming Soon

A world-class team!

Abbi Naylor QTS, IML (T)

International expedition leader & teacher

International expedition leader and frequent leader of Kilimanjaro ascents, Arctic and desert expeditions. Achiever of 30 high endurance challenges to raise funds for mental health and wellbeing of children and young adults, with incredible stories to share. Abbi is also a qualified teacher.

Ian Prickett

Antarctic explorer and adventurer

Chief Engineer to Sir Ranulph Fiennes – stranded in Antarctica, beyond the point of rescue in a tiny vehicle- pulled cabin for the duration of the Antarctic winter. Ian is also one of the world’s top sea kayaking guides.

Nigel Painter MBE, IML

RAF survival skills training programs leader & DofE assessor

Senior RAF Officer and Hercules fight engineer and leader of the RAF survival skills training programs. Awarded his MBE for services to survival and leadership training Nige applies these skills to his work with Really Wild and as a senior leader of the DofE award. His results with young people are remarkable.

Steven Shove MBA, DipM, FCMI

Survival instructor, author and mentor

Survival and bush craft instructor and bestselling author on the topics of wellbeing, leadership and performance improvement. As teacher, coach and mentor Steven has led expeditions to the Arctic and jungle and specialized in the development of Really Wild’s school camps and activity day’s program. Steven formerly ran a number of international companies and developed training programs within the commercial sector.

Lily Murray

Bear Gryll’s embed film producer and camerawoman

Bear Gryll’s embed film producer and camerawoman on Bear Gryll’s the Island, Survivor and Bear Gryll’s the Island Celebrity. Lily is also a hard hitting documentary producer for Channel Four having seen people overcome the most challenging of personal circumstances.

Nazarius Domianus

Jungle survival & climbing expert to Sir David Attenborough & the British royal family

World’s highest tree climber for the Guinness Book of Records, jungle survival expert and trusted by HRH William and Kate, Sir David Attenborough and a range of other celebrities to look after them in the jungle. Naz works with pupils of all ages both abroad and in the UK and is our jungle representative in Borneo.

Pricing Options

Termly and annual pricing based on cohort size

  • Schools, Charities, Local Authorities & Organisations

    Access to one or more courses is available on a group or cohort basis, priced by volume.

  • Membership, Community and Online Groups

    Where our courses are actively promoted by a community or online group, an affiliate members discount code may be provided.

  • Support during Covid-19

    We plan to extend access from schools to families directly. Contact us for more details,

Supporting the UN Sustainable Goals

Our primary focus is on promoting goals 3 and 4 of the United Nations sustainable goals - Good Health and Wellbeing and Quality Education seen in our work with students at home and abroad and in our work on humanitarian aid projects overseas. Much of our work features in our online courses. Really Wild Online is our latest resource to help us achieve those goals. We hope you can join us and benefit too. Thank you!

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